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electriQ 10 Litre Smart Desiccant Dehumidifier with Heater and HEPA Air Purifier

SKU: DESD9LW Quickfind Code: 1429849
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Laundry Mode - Standard/Advanced (Targets wet clothes)
Extraction Capacity / Per Day
Low Energy
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  • Dehumidifier Type: Desiccant
  • Max Extraction (24 hrs): 10L
  • Tank Size: 6.5L
  • Recommended Area: up to 5 bed house
  • Ideal for up to 6-bed houses


Protect your health and home from the harmful effects of excess humidity with this fast-dry 10L desiccant dehumidifier from electriQ - now at popular request with WiFi Alexa/ Google Assistant voice control and automation. Suitable for flats and homes up to 6 bedrooms, this powerful yet incredibly energy efficient dehumidifier provides a cost-effective solution in combating damp, mould and condensation.


The first WiFi desiccant dehumidifier on the market means you can monitor and control its operation remotely. Being a desiccant dehumidifier, DESD9LW can function at temperatures close to freezing. The perfect option for use in outbuildings or unheated areas such as garages, cellars and caravans. It also makes it incredibly efficient compared with compressor models 10L desiccant being equivalent to 30 litres compressor dehumidifier. Also, it can function as a standalone heater, and now you can pre-heat your home, office, boat or caravan remotely before your arrival.

wifi control



Access anywhere - Switch the dehumidifier/ heater/ air purifier on whilst away, ready for when you get home or to the office.

Control multiple devices - Take control of multiple units using the one app, ideal for commercial use in holiday homes, caravans, boats or offices.

Easy to share - Give your family or co-workers access to the device and its settings.

Advanced scheduling - Set it to automatically run at different temperatures at different times of the day at out of peak hours when the energy tariff is cheap.

Alexa and Google assistant compatible - Control the unit using only your voice - "Alexa/ok Google, start my living room dehumidifier."



If the humidity is too high, your home is at risk of mould, but airborne viruses like flu can survive longer if it's too low. Thankfully, the dehumidifier boasts a digital display at the front of the unit that shows you the current humidity level in the room, so you only have to look over to see what percentage it is to know whether the humidity is too low, too high or just right. We suggest anywhere between 50% - 60%, and you'll be fine!

breath easy


This model even comes with a series of filters to help improve the air quality even further. It boasts an ioniser and UV filter that work to remove any airborne pollutants and kill bacteria. There's also a HEPA and Activated Carbon filter to help keep that musky smell of mould and mildew at bay and trap dust mites, pollen and other nasty things from the air with 99.97% efficiency! It's perfect for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

heater mode


As well as functioning as a powerful dehumidifier, the DESD9LW can be used as a dedicated heater too! It features a built-in thermostat, which means you're able to set the room to your desired temperature, anywhere between 16 - 30ºC. It's perfect for areas that don't have adequate heating but are prone to damp such as garages or basements. Now you can start and stop this remotely via the Smart App.


Key Features:

  • Control and monitor the humidity of your home, office, boat, caravan, garage or holiday home from anywhere using your Android or Apple phone or tablet
  • At popular request Wifi controlled version of our best-selling desiccant dehumidifier
  • Alexa / Google Assistant smart home automation and voice control
  • Low-temperature operation perfect for garages, cellars, holiday homes, boats and caravans now with advanced app humidity and temperature monitoring
  • tand-alone heating function with thermostatic control
  • An effective way to combat mould, condensation and dampness with further energy savings due to smart app scheduling
  • Premium HEPA Air Purifier function with Ioniser and UV sterilisation 
  • Quiet and energy-efficient with smart one-touch setting
  • Reduces your winter heating bill as dry air is quicker to heat
  • Healthy - Humid Air pulled in; purified, dry, heated air out
  • Activated Carbon filter and HEPA filter supplied as standard: can remove pollen, dust and animal hairs in large rooms (up to 55 sqm)
  • The laundry mode is an effective and efficient alternative to using a tumble dryer, drying clothes quickly whilst being energy efficient
  • Large 6.5 litres water tank or permanent drainage option
  • All-year-round use
  • Only to be used as a secondary heat source

Technical information:

  • Suitable for up to six bedroom homes
  • Extracts up to 10L per day
  • Digital controls and LED display
  • Electronic controls
  • Washable mesh filters for ease of use
  • Maximum noise level: 40dB
  • Operational temperature: 1-32 °C
  • Timer: 1 to 24 hours
  • Fan Speeds: Sleep, Normal and Turbo
  • Continuous drainage option: Yes
  • Automatically shuts off once the water tank is full
  • Airflow: 190 m3/hr


  • W x H x D: 40 x 62.5 x 22cm
  • Weight: 9.1Kg
Key Information
Brand electriQ
Compressor dehumidifiers have refrigerant mechanisms and are generally less expensive to run. Desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal for colder temperatures as they emit warm air. Peltier dehumidifiers are better suited to smaller spaces like bedrooms and cars.
Max Extraction Rate Per 24 Hours (L)
The maximum volume of water the device can extract in a day
Water tank capacity (L) 6.5L
Suitable for Commercial Use
Suitable for offices, gyms, changing rooms and more
Max Room Size
Maximum room size the device can dehumidify
up to 5 bed house
Room Temperature Range (c)
Minimum and maximum temperature the device can operate in
Condition New
Warranty 1year
WiFi enabled - connect with your phone from an app
Low Energy Standard
Checks the humidity level of your room, from 0-100%
Laundry Mode
Function that dries clothes quickly
Air Purifier Function
Air purifier mode for clean air that minimises dust & allergens
Filter Type - Included
Filters provide cleaner air. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and airborne particles. Carbon filters minimise odours.
HEPA filter / Activated Carbon
Filter Type - Optional
Filters provide cleaner air. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and airborne particles. Carbon filters minimise odours.
HEPA filter
Auto Restart
Automatically turns back on after a power cut
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (WxDxH) 400x220x625mm

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Question from Aimie: Asked on 24/09/2020 How energy efficient is the heater mode and dehumidifier mode ,, can they run simultaneously

Answer from Nick: Answered on 24/09/2020
It can run in heater and dehumidifier mode at the same. I don't have the exact energy details to hand but the heater is approx 700W. The dehum energy is between 300W and 700W, depending on the mode.
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