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Candy Smart 8kg 1400rpm Washing Machine - White

SKU: CS148TW4/1-80 Quickfind Code: 1851219
Energy rating B
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Product options
Maximum Load Capacity
Why buy me
  • 8kg capacity - Ideal for 2 or more people households
  • Control with your smartphone and access extra content
  • Quick cycles can get items clean in as little as 14 minutes
  • Easy Iron function reduces creases and wrinkles
  • KG Mode Plus optimises usage for efficiency and performance
  • Smart check-up ensures prolonged life and efficiency
  • B Rated energy efficient, helps to save you money
  • 1 year warranty offers peace of mind
  • Removal and recycling of your existing appliance at the time of delivery.

    We will collect and recycle your old appliance for free on a like-for-like basis. To arrange for collection of your old appliance please contact us after delivery of your new appliance. Find out more


Introducing the Candy Ultra CS148TW4/1-80 8kg Washing Machine, a powerhouse appliance designed to revolutionize your laundry routine. With its impressive 8kg capacity, this cutting-edge washing machine effortlessly handles large loads, making it ideal for busy households and families. Its advanced Ultra Wash Technology ensures thorough cleaning while maintaining the fabric's quality, an intuitive Touch Control display for convenient and precise program selection, and an energy-efficient design that not only saves you money but also reduces environmental impact. Embrace effortless laundry days with the Candy Ultra 8kg Washing Machine and experience the perfect blend of functionality and convenience.

Key Features

  • Large drum holds up to 8kg of laundry, Ideal for homes of 2 or more people
  • Control with your smartphone and access extra content via the Simply-Fi App
  • Three quick wash cycles that can wash clothes in as little as 14 minutes 
  • Hygiene cycle removes bacteria from clothes, great for those with sensitive skin
  • Easy Iron function reduces creases and wrinkles, making ironing easier 
  • KG Mode weighs the laundry to adjust water, electricity, and time consumption
  • Up to 24 hour delay start timer, so you can run a wash when it suits you
  • B Rated energy efficient, helping to save you money on your bills
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions: H850 x W600 x D530 mm

Smart Touch 

This Candy washing machines come with Smart Touch technology. Depending on the product, it can enrich it with additional functions, give you useful tips to improve your experience with your appliance and guide you through troubleshooting, directly from your smartphone using the Simply-Fi App.
Please note: Interaction is only possible with smartphones equipped with NFC technology. Simply-Fi app available from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Rapid Wash

Achieving an optimal balance of speed and efficiency, Candy washing machines offer a choice of no fewer than four cycles, each completing in less than an hour while ensuring 100% effectiveness. With the Rapid 39' program, you can swiftly clean lightly soiled clothes in just 39 minutes, making it the ideal solution for those in a hurry or with time constraints. Moreover, this program's reduced water and energy consumption compared to conventional wash cycles can lead to cost savings on energy bills and contribute to environmental conservation.

KG Detector

This washing machine effectively minimises energy and water consumption. The sophisticated weight sensors identify the load's size and seamlessly adapt the water and electricity usage accordingly. When utilizing our machines, even a half-load can result in up to a 70% reduction in water, time, and electricity usage!

Smart Cycles and Check-up

Candy's Smart check-up function, ensures prolonged efficiency by monitoring the health status of your appliance. This simplified system alerts you to any errors or malfunctions, and the integrated smart guide assists you in identifying and resolving issues independently. Additionally, the Smart Cycles function enhances your laundry experience by enabling you to download optimal cycles tailored to your lifestyle. It offers a range of additional programs to ensure your clothes receive the best care, combining convenience and efficiency in one intelligent laundry solution.

B Rated energy efficiency

This washing machine is rated B-class energy, ensuring both superior performance and notable energy savings. By complying with the New Energy Label, it helps conserve energy, leading to potential savings on your bills and contributing to environmental preservation when compared with the G class.

Woolmark Certified

Woolmark endorsement ensures gentle yet effective cleaning, maintaining the natural properties of your wool garments.

Child Lock

Disables all buttons except power, ensuring children can't accidentally change settings, start a cycle, or open the door mid-cycle.

LED Display

Compared to traditional analog dials or limited text displays, LED screens provide clear, bright visuals in various lighting conditions. It shows vital information like remaining wash time, cycle progress, selected settings, and water temperature more prominently.

Key Information
Brand Candy
Fit Type Freestanding
Colour White
Washing Capacity (Kilograms)
The maximum load weight, when wet, the appliance can hold
Maximum Spin Speed (Revolutions Per Minute)
The number of times the drum spins round in a minute. This is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm)
Warranty 1 year warranty
Variable Spin Speed
Offer options to change the Spin Speed (RPM) to suit the load needs
Start Timer Delay (Hrs) 24hours
Smart (Wifi Connected)
Appliance can be connected via Wi-Fi and, in some cases, with Bluetooth
Washing Noise Level (Decibels) 51dB(A)
Maximum Noise Level (Decibels) 79dB
Energy efficiency rating
Refers to the energy efficiency of the appliance. Ranging from A, being the most efficient, to G, which is the least efficient.
Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour - Per Cycle) 0.8kWh
Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour - Per Annum) 175kWh
Water Consumption (Litres - Per Cycle) 44L
Water Consumption (Litres - Per Annum) 1,100L
Washing Performance Rating
This is a rating from ‘A’ to ‘G’ based on the cleaning/washing performance of the appliances. ‘A’ being the best and ‘G’ being the lowest.
Spinning Performance Rating
Rating for the appliances Spin efficiency for speed and residual moisture content. Rated 'A', most effective, to 'G', least efficient.
Remaining Moisture Content 44%
Number of Programmes 16
List of programmes Hygiene/anti-allergy,Cotton,Eco,Hand/wool,Jeans/denim,Mix,Quick,Synthetics,Delicate/silk
Half Load Option
Uses less water in order to save resources, conserve energy, or because the load is too small to justify a full cycle
Quick Wash Cycle
Quick Wash Cycle Time 14mins
Cold Wash
Hand wash
40 Degree Wash Time (minutes) 60mins
60 Degree Wash Time (minutes) 90mins
Dimensions & Weight
Height 85cm
Width 60cm
Depth 53cm
Weight (Kilograms) 38KG
Boxed Dimensions
Boxed Height 850mm
Boxed Width 600mm
Boxed Depth 580mm
Door Hinge Position Left
Adjustable feet
Voltage (Volts) 22-240V
Frequency (Hertz) 50Hz
Power Fuse (Amps) 10
Water Supply Cold Fill / Hot Fill (Max 60C)
Box Of Contents Washing machine, water supply hose, drainage pipe, user manual

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