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Hoover H-Wash & Dry 300 8kg Wash 5kg Dry 1400rpm Integrated Washer Dryer - White

SKU: HBDS485D1ACE-80 Quickfind Code: 1851449
Energy Label
Why buy me
  • 8kg Washing capacity and 5kg drying capacity
  • Active Steam:  Remove bacteria & reduces creases
  • KG Mode: Excellent results whilst saving energy
  • All In One: Wash a mixed 8kg load in just 59 minutes
  • Hygiene program: Deep cleans and removes bacteria
  • Sensor Dry Technology helps protect clothes
  • Start a cycle when it suits you with the delay timer
  • C Rated energy efficient wash cycles help to save you money off your bills
  • Removal and recycling of your existing appliance at the time of delivery.

    We will collect and recycle your old appliance for free on a like-for-like basis. To arrange for collection of your old appliance please contact us after delivery of your new appliance. Find out more


Hoover has the most complete set of washing cycles for laundry caring. It is able to wash perfectly and effortlessly your favourite garments, ensuring an extreme attention to fabrics and colours and providing many advanced and tailored features developed to enhance your life.

Key Features

  • Integrated design
  • 8 kg capacity
  • Washer Dryer combo
  • All-in-One Wash Programs
  • Sensor Dry Technology
  • 1400 spin speed
  • Child Lock
  • Eco mode
  • Water saving function
  • 15 pre-set cycles
  • Fuzzy logic control

Integrated design
The HOOVER H-Wash 300 HBD 485D2E features an integrated design, allowing it to seamlessly blend into your kitchen or laundry room. The integrated design conceals the washer dryer behind a cupboard door, creating a tidy and organized appearance in your living space. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a streamlined and cohesive look in their home without the appliance being an eyesore.

8 kg capacity
The washer dryer offers a substantial 8 kg capacity for both washing and drying, making it suitable for households with various laundry needs. With this capacity, you can wash larger loads of clothes, including bedding, towels, and bulkier clothing items, saving time and effort on multiple cycles. Having a larger capacity also means fewer wash and dry cycles, contributing to energy and water savings in the long run.

Washer Dryer combo
The HOOVER H-Wash 300 HBD 485D2E is a washer dryer combo, providing the convenience of both washing and drying functions in a single appliance. This combination saves valuable space in your laundry area, ideal for apartments, smaller homes, or anyone looking to maximize their laundry space. You can seamlessly transition from washing to drying without the need to transfer clothes between separate machines, streamlining your laundry routine.

All-in-One Wash Programs
The washer dryer comes with a range of all-in-one wash programs that cater to different fabric types and laundry needs. These wash programs are designed to provide efficient cleaning and drying results in a single cycle, saving time and ensuring proper care for your clothes. With preset options for various fabrics like cotton, synthetic, delicates, and more, you can easily choose the appropriate program for each load.

Sensor Dry Technology
The HOOVER H-Wash 300 HBD 485D2E is equipped with Sensor Dry Technology, which automatically detects moisture levels during the drying process. This intelligent feature helps prevent over-drying, as the dryer stops once the clothes reach the desired dryness level, protecting your garments from damage and preserving their quality. Sensor Dry Technology also contributes to energy efficiency by minimizing unnecessary drying time, ultimately reducing electricity consumption and saving on utility bills.

Key Information
Brand Hoover
Fit Type Built In
Colour White
Washing Capacity (Kilograms)
The maximum wash load weight, when wet, the appliance can hold.
Drying Capacity (Kilograms)
The maximum drying load weight, when wet, the appliance can hold.
Maximum Spin Speed (Revolutions Per Minute)
Spin Speed is number of times the drum spins round in a minute. The higher the speed the more water is removed from items, leading to quicker drying times.
Covers parts and labour during the duration, offering peace of mind
1 year warranty
Energy efficiency rating
Washer Dryers energy class ranges from G to D, with Wash Only Energy ratings ranging from F to A. With a rating of D and A being the most efficient, helping save energy, money, and the environment.
Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour - Per Cycle) 1.3kWh
Water Consumption (Litres - Per Cycle) - Wash, Spin and Dry 48L
Water Consumption (Litres - Per Annum) - Wash, Spin and Dry 1,440L
Programmes & Features
Start Timer Delay (Hrs)
Allows you to start a cycle when it suits your schedule.
Number of Programmes 15
Steam cycles and features can help to remove creases and/or kill bacteria & allergens.
Quick Wash Cycle
A convenient and efficient way to quickly wash items without the time and energy investment of a full wash cycle.
Quick Wash Cycle Time 44minutes
Dimensions & Weight
Height 82cm
Depth 53cm
Width 60cm
Box Of Contents Washer dryer, water supply hose, drainage pipe, user manual

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