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1m 8K HDMI Cable - Black

SKU: CDLHD8K-01K Quickfind Code: 1447621
Was: €31.74     You save: €20.77
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  • Interface: HDMI
  • Usage Type: HDMI
  • Length: 1M
  • Quantity: 1

Introducing the CDLHD8K-01K HDMI Cable: Unleash the Power of Ultra High Definition Entertainment!

Experience the pinnacle of visual and audio quality with our CDLHD8K-01K HDMI Cable. Designed to meet the demands of modern entertainment, this cutting-edge cable delivers stunning performance and unrivaled clarity for your multimedia devices.

High-Speed, High-Definition Connectivity

Embrace the future of multimedia with our HDMI cable supporting an impressive 48Gbps bandwidth. Seamlessly transmit high-resolution audio and video signals, ensuring your entertainment experience is always smooth and flawless.

Sleek Design and Enhanced Durability

Our CDLHD8K-01K HDMI Cable features stylish and sturdy aluminum hoods, available in a range of attractive colors, to perfectly complement your setup. The gold connectors not only provide a luxurious touch but also ensure optimal signal transfer for exceptional audiovisual quality.

Seamless Networking and Audio Integration

Stay connected with the HDMI Ethernet Channel, which enables your devices to access the internet through the display. The Audio Return Channel simplifies your home theatre setup by allowing audio transmission to your display using just one cable.

Immersive 3D Experience

Step into a world of mesmerizing visuals with 3D support. Elevate your entertainment to new heights as you enjoy movies, games, and more with stunning depth and realism.

Crisp and Clear Resolutions

With support for 4K @ 120Hz and 8K @ 60Hz resolutions, the CDLHD8K-01K HDMI Cable ensures you experience every detail with astonishing clarity. Immerse yourself in lifelike images that will leave you in awe.

Premium Cable Braiding

The black cable braiding not only adds a touch of sophistication to your setup but also enhances the cable's durability, providing long-lasting performance and protection against wear and tear.

Unleash the true potential of your entertainment devices with the CDLHD8K-01K HDMI Cable. Upgrade your viewing and gaming experiences with unparalleled visual clarity and immersive audio integration. Invest in the future of entertainment technology and elevate your home entertainment to a whole new level.

Key Specification
Interface HDMI
Length 1M
Quantity 1
Colour Black
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