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DJI Avata Propellers

SKU: CP.FP.00000074.01 Quickfind Code: 1758079
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  • Diameter: 73.7 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 2.1 g
  • DJI Avata Propellers (Pair) × 2
  • Screw (M2×7) × 8

The DJI Avata propellers are meticulously designed and manufactured components that play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance and stability of the aircraft. These propellers have undergone a series of advanced engineering processes, including precise dynamic balancing tests, to deliver powerful thrust and enhance the overall flight experience.

Dynamic balancing is a critical procedure in the production of propellers and other rotating components. It involves carefully measuring and adjusting the distribution of mass around the propeller's axis of rotation. The goal is to minimize vibrations and uneven forces that can occur due to minor imperfections in the propeller's shape or weight distribution. These imperfections, even if they seem insignificant, can lead to undesirable effects during flight, such as increased noise, reduced efficiency, and potential strain on the aircraft's motors and structure.


  • Diameter: 73.7 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 2.1 g

What's in the Box

  • DJI Avata Propellers (Pair) × 2
  • Screw (M2×7) × 8

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