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AEG 9000 Series AbsoluteCare Plus® 9kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White

SKU: TR959M6BC Quickfind Code: 1751486
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Energy Label
Why buy me
  • 9kg load capacity: Ideal for medium-sized homes
  • Wi-Fi Connected: Control and monitor from your smartphone
  • AbsoluteCare: tailors drying for delicate items and revives water protection for outdoor clothes
  • 3DScan: Uses sensors to read humidity deep inside clothes for precise drying
  • SensiDry: Gentle drying at lower temperatures whilst not compromising results
  • MixDry Technology: Ensures even drying for mixed loads
  • Easy Iron: Reduces ironing time by actively reducing creases
  • A+++ Rated energy efficiency: Helps to save you money
  • Removal and recycling of your existing appliance at the time of delivery.

    We will collect and recycle your old appliance for free on a like-for-like basis. To arrange for collection of your old appliance please contact us after delivery of your new appliance. Find out more


The AEG 9000 AbsoluteCare® Plus Tumble Dryer is your go-to for simple and efficient drying. Packed with features like 3DScan Technology and AbsoluteCare® for precise garment care, this dryer is perfect for medium-sized homes, handling up to 9kg of laundry. It offers convenient programs, including a Quick cycle for small loads, a Duvet cycle, and hygiene cycles to remove bacteria and allergens. With advanced technology, ample capacity, and versatile programs, this AEG heat pump tumble dryer is a trustworthy solution for all your laundry needs.

Key Features

  • Control and monitor from your smartphone using the My AEG Care app, thanks to Smart Wi-Fi connectivity
  • AbsoluteCare customizes drying, ensuring safe drying for delicate items and restoring water protection for outdoor clothes
  • 3DScan Technology uses unique sensors to read humidity deep inside clothes, ensuring precise and even drying
  • SensiDry gently dries at lower temperatures without compromising on results, providing a delicate touch to your fabrics
  • MixDry ensures a load of mixed clothes dries evenly, preventing over-drying or under-drying of different fabrics
  • The Easy Iron programme reduces ironing time by up to 50% by actively reducing creases during the wash and spin cycle
  • Delay start option ensures your laundry is ready exactly when required and helps to reduce creasing and musty odours
  • High energy efficiency helps save you money on your energy bills, whilst also being more environmentally friendly

3Dscan Technology - Duvets And Down Jackets Kept Like New. Performance 100% Restored
3DScan Technology provides the highest drying precision and care. It scans deep to read humidity levels inside items. Confidently know all your items, even down jackets and duvets, are evenly dried and will remain fluffy and warm.

Absolutecare® - No Shrinkage Guaranteed
AbsoluteCare® uses heat pump technology, along with precise drum movements and temperatures to safely dry your clothing, even your delicate items. Ensuring wool won’t shrink and silk doesn’t lose shape. It restores water protection for outdoor clothes and is Woolmark Blue certified.

The Next Level Of Appliance Interaction With Aegconnected
Use My AEG Care app to personalise settings and get smart tips and suggestions. Customise laundry cycles and send instructions to your appliance to adapt it to your needs and habits. Smart and easy care via your smartphone.

Mixdry - No Sorting. No Effort. Dry Cottons With Synthetics
MixDry effortlessly and thoroughly gets synthetic and cotton garments evenly dried without overdrying or underdrying. No sorting needed. The heat-pump technology ensures items get the exact amount of heat, keeping energy consumption low.

A+++ Rated - The highest energy efficiency with heat pump technology
This A+++ Energy Class Heat Pump Tumble Dryer stands out with its exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring significant cost savings and a minimal carbon footprint. Its innovative Heat Pump Technology gently reheats the air in the drum, preserving delicate fabrics and reducing electricity consumption compared to traditional dryers. Opting for this dryer demonstrates a commitment to efficiency, cost savings, and a greener lifestyle.

Key Information
Brand AEG
Fit Type Freestanding
Colour White
Drying Type Heat pump
Drying Capacity (Kilograms)
The maximum drying load weight, when wet, the appliance can hold.
Covers parts and labour during the duration, offering peace of mind
5 years
Start Timer Delay (Hrs)
Allows you to start a cycle when it suits your schedule.
Anti-Crease cycles and features can reduce creases & wrinkles from items, making for easy ironing
Reverse tumble action
Drum can rotate in both directions helping to reduce creasing and ensuring more even drying.
Adjustable drying temperature
End of cycle indicator
A light flashes or lights up to show that the laundry is dried and ready
Visual indicator
Full Tank Indicator (Condenser & Heat Pump Dryers Only)
Light indicating that the water tank is full and needs emptying
Smart Connectivity
Appliance can be remotely control via an app on smart devices. Either connected by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC.
Number of Programmes 12
List of programmes Special: 3kg Quick|Bedlinen XL|Cotton ECO|Cottons|Delicates|Down jacket|Duvet|Hygiene|MixDry|Outdoor|Synthetics|Wool
Maximum Noise Level (Decibels) 63dB
Energy efficiency rating
Ranging from D up to A+++ class, A+++ Rated being the most efficient. The higher the rating, the more it helps save money off your bills.
Condensation Efficiency Class (Condenser & Heat Pump Dryers Only)
This rating shows how much of the humidity the dryer can condense and collect. Lower ratings mean that some of the humid air is released into the room's air.
Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour - Per Cycle) 1.68kWh
Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour - Per Annum) 195kWh
Loading Position Front
Location of Venting Exit (Vented Dryers Only) Air
Draining Option (Condenser & Heat Pump Dryers Only)
Door Hinge Position Right
Adjustable feet Yes - all
Power Fuse (Amps) 13A
Approval certificates PL|UKCA
Box Of Contents Tumble dryer, user manual
Dimensions & Weight
Height 85cm
Width 60cm
Depth 64cm
Weight (Kilograms) 51.5Kg
Boxed Dimensions
Boxed Width 640mm
Boxed Depth 680mm

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