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Creating a smart home has never been easier. Dim the lights, play music and turn up the heating… all without leaving the couch! With just your voice or a tap on your phone you can turn devices on when you need them, and off when you don’t… Worried you left your hair straighteners turned on after you’ve left for work? No need! Turn the socket off from anywhere with just a tap on your phone. On holiday and want to check on your home? With a smart cameras you can check, in crystal clear quality, from anywhere in the world!

Where to start?

There's no right or wrong way to start your smart home. It all depends on what type of functionality you'd like in your home. You can easily start with some plug and play devices such as light bulbs and cameras, where you simply use your smart phone or tablet to control them or start with a smart hub and create a smart system where the hub is the brains of the operation. With a hub you can use your voice to control the different smart devices, play music, ask questions, or even do shopping!

What do you want to do?

Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa?

If we’re honest, you can’t really go wrong with either, but there are some subtle differences that give Google the edge in some things, but Alexa the edge in others. The differences aren’t huge though, so it may come down to just which you personally think looks nicer and suits your home! In a nutshell, Google products have slightly better bass and is able to answer more questions and give more information, but Alexa has better overall sound quality and allows you to shop Amazon using just your voice. Other than that they are pretty much head to head!

Already got a smart hub?

Tell us what you've got and we'll show you some compatible devices!

What's so good about having a smart home?

Energy efficient

Energy Efficient

Turn devices on when you want to use them, and off when you don’t. Saving energy and the environment. Go you!

Security and piece of mind

Security & Piece of Mind

Check on your home whilst on holiday, or even unlock your door from your phone if you’ve popped out and a guest arrives early!



Need to check the weather? Just ask! Ran out of something, just say - it’s been added to your shopping list... it’s that easy.



Its plain good fun dim the lights or play some music by simply speaking! You can even ask your home hub to tell you a joke!

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