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Gaming Accessories

To get the most out of your PC gaming experience you need to be well equipped with the best Gaming Accessories. Make sure that your arsenal is full and get ready battle as here at Laptops Direct you can get want you want and save even more.

Looking for a gaming keyboard, gaming head set or gaming mouse? We stock Gaming Accessories from leading brands such as Razer, Roccat, Logitech, and Gigabyte, all with huge savings! Take a look at our gaming accessory deals and get yourself the latest gaming tech at a great price

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    Mechanical Switches

    Mechanical switches offer a smoother and more precise keyboard experience vs regular keyboards. The individual keys provide more feedback so you have confirmation of every keystroke and the enhanced sensitivity means you don’t have to fully press down each key to get a response. This allows for faster typing and so quicker responses in the game.

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    Ghosting can really get in the way of intense gaming or hard work so Anti-Ghosting can be a key feature of a great gaming keyboard. Ghosting occurs when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously but not all are registered, those missed are said to have been ‘ghosted’. Anti-Ghosting supports simultaneous keystrokes so your moves are never missed in the game.

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    Programmable keys (macros) allow you to activate intricate button combinations with a quick, single key press. Some let you program any key whilst others have specific buttons ready to be set up to suit your needs. Speed up repetitive keystrokes and let your keyboard do the work with programmable macro keys.

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    Not only does a backlit keyboard really make your setup standout, it’s great for gaming in darker conditions. See each key in vivid colour so you never miss a button and some can even be customised and colour coded to your preference. A huge variety of colour options mean you’re sure to find your favourite.

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