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TCL Air Conditioning Range

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  • Compatible with: iQool12-V4, iQool12B, iQool-2MS12K12K, iQool-2MS12K12KB, iQool-2MS9K9K, iQool-2MS9K9KB, iQool-3MS9K9K9K, iQool-3MS9K9K9KB
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  • 3-in-1: Cooling, heating and dehumidifying
  • Powerful and quiet - ideal for home and office use
  • A++ ultra energy efficient Air Conditioner
  • Manage temperature & schedule from your smartphone
  • For rooms up to 50sqm
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Refurbished Main PCB

SKU: A1/210901714CC

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  • Compatible with: iQool9iQool12, iQool18, iQool9B, iQool12B, iQool18B, iQool-2MS9K9K, iQool-2MS9K9KB, iQool-2MS12K12K, iQool-3MS9K9K9K, iQool-C2MS12K12K, iQool-C3MS9K9K9K
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